Island: GO! Driver Manual

Please bookmark this page and use this manual as a point of reference as it will be updated from time to time.


There are 4 steps to every ride. It is important to use the below actions properly or you may be penalized. The app will prompt you at each stage.

Passenger's first

In the world of ride-sharing, reliability is everything. Passengers depend on you to be there if you accept their ride, trusting you to honor their ride requests and head directly to pick-ups without delay. Your commitment to promptness ensures that we keep our promise of reliable service, making every passenger's experience with us a positive one. 


Maintaining a clean vehicle and appearance is essential for providing a pleasant and safe journey. A tidy and sanitized vehicle not only leaves a good impression but also upholds our standards of quality and care for every passenger. As a driver, you embody our brand's values and image with every ride. Your professionalism, behavior, and the quality of service are direct reflections of our brand.

Vehicle compliance

Driver and device compliance

How it works

Instant orders

Driver app buttons

Driver app navigation


Special circumstances

Most trips go by without any issues. However:



Ride Payment

Cancellation fees

Order fees



You will be assigned to one of the below tariffs. Certain tariffs may be eligible to take rides at other tariff rates.