Rider features

Intuitive app design

Simply select your pick up and drop off point. In a just a few taps, you can pay via card and a driver will be on their way to you.

Need to stop somewhere first? Not a problem, you can simply add an additional stop in-app, and your driver will have your full route mapped.

Once your ride is over, you can rate your driver. Don't worry, ratings are completely anonymous. We encourage everyone to provide honest ratings to provide the best experience for other users.

Driver Vetting

Island: GO! is a community where everyone belongs. We hold our drivers to high standards, to always treat you with respect and look out for your safety. 

We hold legal identification and insurance documentation for all drivers.

Furthermore, we will permanently ban any drivers found to fall short of our Driver code of conduct.

In-app safety features

Your ride can be tracked, showing your route, driver, and live location. Simply click the share button once you have ordered the ride. You can have piece of mind knowing that a friend or relative is watching your ride in real time.

Our app also allows you to set a predefined SOS contact, allowing you to instantly contact family or friends at the click of a button.